Monday, January 5, 2015

Episode 3

So, here we are on Monday night, however it wasn't such a bad day, considering it was the first sort of normal day in a few weeks.  The only really bad part was not feeling quite up to par, not bad, just not good.  It seems as though everyone I know is sick or has been sick recently and I think I'm holding off pretty well.  Now to the meat and potatoes since I know my daily well-being is not nearly as exciting as other things.

Weekend Update
Nothing too eventful happened, more or less spent the day touching up some loose ends around the house and trying to relax (which is a foreign concept to parents). Aquagirl was pretty good Saturday and went to be especially early and slept pretty long, giving mommy and I a bit of a break, or as much of one as can be had.  We did however make up for it yesterday, as at times she was fussy and couldn't make up her mind.  I guess that comes with the territory of parenting small children.  In addition to normal behavior, we think she is teething and has a bit of a cold, thankfully nothing severe.  Additionally, neither myself nor Aquamom has felt terrific as of late so that only makes things a bit more frustrating.  

To finish on a more positive note, we are beginning to explore some small business ideas, nothing revolutionary just a little on the side.  Our little one is also growing more curious and seemingly discovers something new each day.  As frustrating as things can be at times it is awesome seeing her grow.

With the extra free time I got to more formally organize my small yet growing collection. and got to finish reading issues 2 and 3 of Scott Snyder and Jock's Wytches, very good so far if you get the chance to read it.

Stay tuned for some thoughts on Wytches and Batman R.I.P., which I finished tonight...

Issues 2 and 3 continue the story of Sailor, a teen aged girl who is new to town and seemingly an outcast.  Her family moved to escape some controversies they had in their former setting.  The troubles are not behind them though, as they have followed them to their new dwellings.  At the conclusion to issue 3, the strange happenings begin to affect her dad, as he has his own encounter, and is now beginning to question all the recent strange events.

This is something I normally wouldn't have considered reading, however, after reading good reviews and positive feedback I decided to pick it up.  Snyder describes in the epilogue of issue 1 how the idea came about, a very personal revelation.  This series has the feeling of some old school horror creepiness, not my normal genre of entertainment, but with the quality of the writing, and the interesting art details I am hooked.  Hopefully the 4th issue, due out later this month, will be equally as good as the first three installments.

This collected edition of a few later issues of Batman before the New 52 reboot was overall solid.  Written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Tony S. Daniel, there is a lot to enjoy about this book.  Admittedly, I have a soft spot for Daniel, as he wrote and drew the first issue of Detective Comics, the first comic I ever really read.  He may not be the best writer, as most are quick to point out, but all of his art I find to be pretty top notch.  

Back to this story now. What I believe is happening, is that while encountering a new group of rogues, collectively titled the Black Glove, Batman must go beyond his normal capabilities.  There are parts that have him exploring deep meditation and even trance like sedation to further his understanding of crime, and ultimately what needs to be done to fight it.  Ultimately, Batman triumphs and overcomes the treacherous villains, sorry if you hadn't read it, but what else did you think was going to happen?

My main issue is the writing of Grant Morrison, I do think he is a very skilled writer, I don't think he tells a good story though.  I had the same issues with his run on Action Comics in the New 52.  He seems to start out with an idea, and goes walking down that path, he then seemingly takes all the detours he can, which does drive stories, to get to the other side.  My intent is not to tear the man down, I just prefer others to him, I like my twists a bit more mired in realism.  I do however hold out hope for the recently acquired All Star Superman I got is more of a grounded story as I was led to believe.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these two very brief commentaries.  Leave comments, or reach out via any of the methods listed in my contacts tab.  I would love to discourse on any of the subjects I talk about, whether you agree or not, also any advice is greatly appreciated.  

Join us next time as we will preview Wednesday's pull list, and provide any updates possible regarding anything worth updating...

...until then, fatherhood awaits, as do several unread comics.  

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