Friday, January 2, 2015

Episode 1 we go!

It is January 2nd, and I had hoped to be posting this yesterday, you know, new year new blog. However, between my daughter Aquagirl being a bit fussy and my wife who I guess has to be Aquamom being creative, we got pushed out a day.  

Anyways, I didn't have any pull list comics to pick up this week.  Today was also a bit of an odd day, having been off of work yesterday and only going back today before the weekend.  I do have a back-up plan that has accidentally worked out.  

Some back story, I have only been involved with print comics for a few months, right about the time I bought my house.  I started reading digitally with the New 52 re-launch, but at the encouragement of my wife, and new space allotted in a home, I decided to begin a collection of my own.  A few months in, I was feeling the need for a better storage solution than shoe boxes.  I also had the desire to read a comic that I wasn't able to get from my local comic store.  All that being said, I turned to the internet to find a solution.  

Stumbling upon the website of NYC retailer Midtown Comics, I decided to place an order.  I actually used their mobile app and placed an order with relative ease late on a Friday, my package arrived early Tuesday.  The prices were very good, shipping cost wasn't too bad, and with that quick of a turnaround, granted I am not that far away, ordering from them comes highly recommended.

I had considered doing some sort of unboxing video but kept putting it off.  Additionally, having a family and work easily prevents one from having time to oneself, but I wouldn't trade family time for anything, and who doesn't wish that they could at times push work off for leisure.  So, I now have a three week old package that aside from two comics and bags and boards I have no idea what is inside.  We will find out tonight though!!!  

Stay tuned for a later post with pictures and details of what is inside.

Until then, I am be a husband, father, and comic reader.

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