Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Episode 4

...Long day yesterday so I didn't get much time to update and provide previews proper, so with the rest of the family sleeping in I will do a quick pull list preview...

Action Comics #38
Clark is home in Smallville during the rebuild from the last arc's destruction when a new entity shows up.  Just picked this book up at the beginning of the new story line.  Hoping that the book keeps up with its current quality as its counterpart, Superman, has been on point since Johns and JRJ took over.
Aquaman and the Others #9
Still sad to hear that this book's run is coming to an end shortly.  Although it isn't a great book, it is more Aquaman and that can't be bad.  Anyways, we should be learning more about the past relationship between the Operative and one of the Soldier's platoon mates.  Also curious to see the play out between the Others and the Russian themed super group that is threatening.
Detective Comics #38
The villain Anarky is present in Gotham and doing his best to incite chaos, as he believes this will, in a way, bring order.  Excited to see this story line furthered, as I really appreciate these types of Batman stories that are a bit more grounded and focus on his skills as a crime solver.
The Fade Out #4
Not too much here, as I have yet to read the first three issues (I know, I know, but sometimes you want to be able to enjoy something with peace that you can make it straight through).  I really want this book to turn out as good as all the things I've been hearing.  This type of noir really goes right up my alley.  I will be sure to review the entire series once finished.

Finally, hoping for a better, warmer day (although I may be about 5 months out from what I consider warmth).  Hoping to make it to my LCS before they close.  And wishing that I get more great update pictures from my wife with our little girl inside, they make even bad days a little brighter and cold ones a little warmer!

Until next time...

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