Thursday, January 22, 2015

Episode 5

...It's been way too long.  I feel terrible about not making time to update in over two weeks, but I am back, and can hopefully put together a nice streak.

Life has been a bit nuts as of late, a few weeks ago we had our first scare with our daughter, that she might be sick.  It turns out we were just doing what first time parents do, overreact.  In the past two weeks, Aquagirl has been seemingly growing so much, and learning new things daily.  I really could go on and on about how awesome she is, and how much fun it is being a dad, especially hers.  Even on the days that she is fussy, or the nights she gets up super early, I still feel an amazing sense of pride and joy.  It is something you can't understand until you are in that situation.

In other news, my job has been hectic as well.  Getting out late prevents trips to the LCS, and leaves one unfortunately too drained to really do anything.  As I hinted about above, my mornings are pretty much spent hanging out with the little one.  Mommy and I spend time together at night.  It may be weird to some, but most nights we end up just talking, a lot of times about the same stuff, but after ten years we still enjoy each other's company above all.  I also think that we are finally going to get some normalcy back into our lives.  I think Aquamom would be better classified as Supermom some days, and I think those days are going to be more frequent as time goes on.

My pulls from two weeks ago did not disappoint, all the books I got were top notch. 

Unfortunately, I forgot to add The Fade Out to my pull list and wasn't able to get it at my normal store.  A week later, I did however find it elsewhere.  I kind of felt bad but ended up getting something that made up for it. 
In addition to the above book, I got the original cover for Grayson #6 (my LCS pulled the Flash variant for me).

I also happened upon a TPB of another Image comic that caught my attention.
I liked this authors work on Nightwing, and the premise of this story caught my eye.  A group of heroes, unionized in Chicago, in the '60's.  Superheroes and noir, two of my favorite things.  I am hoping that I enjoy this story as it definitely seems like something I would like.

That is however all the time we have for today, I hope to provide some brief commentary on the Grayson issue, and will go into some C.O.W.L, once I get the chance to dive in.

Until next time, continue to enjoy your families, and your comics!

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